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Check out my toy blender from the Nineties!

May 20, 2013 | Check out my toy blender from the Nineties! by on

Major throwback moment! Mum found a box with some of my old toys inside. I used to play with these around 18-20 years ago! Its amazing how my Mum was able to keep some. :) #ninetiesbaby

Mother’s Day celeb with Mum, Titas and cousins. Funnn! 😘 @marootsky (at Italianni’s)

Friends- Lucky enough to have the truest of the true. Thank you for the awesome Sunday. @jnnrvdz @jhengaroo @godessches Lhynne, Ja. 😘👍 (at Sea Residences)

Always treat a gun as if its loaded and never point a gun in anything or anyone that you don’t want to kill or destroy. :) 👍

Just like gradeschool days. @jnnrvdz 😘 (at Hillsborough Village)

My kind of Saturday. Food, shopping and lotsa fun with my sister-cousin. 😘👍

Mmmmmm. Heaven on earth! ❤👍🍪

National Siblings Day! (Biological or not) :) @sushilyyyn @jnnrvdz

Money burn at MAC Rustan’s Alabang. Whaaaaat. ❤👍 @marootsky

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